The GIF of the water cycle

3° Medio – Inglés

How important is water for our survival?

There is currently only 3 per cent freshwater in the world, usually found in glaciers, rivers, lakes and groundwater. On the other hand, the other 97% is salt water that characterizes our oceans.

The planet warms up every year and the sixth preliminary assessment report, which was carried out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2021), shows us that we are already over 1°degree above the global climate average, That means, natural cycles will begin to undergo alterations and changes, which can be very destructive to communities and species in the Biosphere. Of course this involves all of us, as much of the causes of this global warming have been driven by humanity. All the products and objects we consume today, for example, need water to create, from the cell phone to the bread we eat for breakfast, the clothes we wear and the walls that support our home, everything required thousands or millions of litres of water to be produced.

El objetivo para esta planificación es que los alumnos conozcan, practiquen y analicen términos relacionados con el ciclo del agua en inglés. En la actividad, los estudiantes analizarán la información para realizar un GIF que publicarán en las redes sociales.

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